King Of Queens Season 1 Episode 16 S'Ain't Valentine's

On Valentine's Day, Arthur attends a party at his senior center and meets a woman Mary (Jerry Stiller's real-life wife Anne Meara) and the two begin a love affair. Carrie is waiting for Doug at restaurant but Doug is stuck at Spence's birthday party, but when Spence arrives, he and his mother (Grace Zabriskie) get into a fight and Doug, Richie & Deacon are stuck at his home with Spence's mother; while waiting for Doug, Carrie meets a "schmuck" at the restaurant and transforms him to be more charming. (Note: This is the only episode in which Grace Zabriskie plays Spence's mother. For subsequent episodes of the series, she was replaced by Anne Meara, who also guest stars in this episode.)

Original Air Date: February 8, 1999